Flash game Zero Race

Zero Race adventure game arcade

Come to cover the adventure in the game called Zero Race! Here's a game on a different scale that runs from another universe. We recommend you kindly en Quenter Zero Race, a very action game lebre c. This game cr t to make a tribute to the series of M s ga Man X. So the purpose of this game is to destroy all the power of machines and then find the output path. You'll embody Zero is a super h ros which will eliminate the robots (counter machines) enemies in a futuristic space in Zero Race. We know that super h ros always have super powers, a capacity of resistance r inhuman and as means of investment superhuman.

You have to face the opponents and avoid all the obstacles in each level. All this must be r workable in an allotted time. For all fans of super h ros, Zero Race is really a game agr ble and exciting insofar you should be able to get through the levels as quickly as possible. For d abut the game, click Enter on your keyboard. Then read the instructions and launch yourself into the game.

You'll have to use the buttons on the direction keys to move to. You have to press the following keys in order to accomplish a mission: help yourself to the Z key to jump to the A button allows you to launch a single attack, S key allows you to slide while the W key on a it, you will start technical ultimate. You can find the super h ros like Megaman X, Sigma, Dr. Willy, Roll, Zero and others in this platform game and adventure very close c lebre game Megaman.

This action game is amazing is leading you to prove yourself. Take pleasure and completes all levels.

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