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Air Godge is a game where tickets you pilot a fighter plane while avoiding the montgolfieres you'll meet. The purpose of this skill game is to travel the greatest distance possible without hitting an obstacle. Only the best airline pilots can go far. You'll surely have fun with this free game while costing a pretty very soft music. Use the mouse to pilot your device avoiding obstacles.

You have to fly the plane so that it faces or the floor or ceiling of the game and even less montgolfieres. So you'll guide your camera in the air and you'll try to keep balance to avoid the crash. But be careful, because your journey will be filled with big tits s montgolfieres still call that you will avoid otherwise you risk losing the game and spit. So be very agile to avoid a weather balloon. You only have to demonstrate mastery to pass all levels and finish the game A good well designed with good graphics and animations quality that you'll certainly appr cial game.

You'll need to collect as many points, but also ensure that you do not touch the ground you. To stick to, stand down the left mouse button. Take the controls of a fighter plane and zigzags between montgolfieres to go as far as possible. Montgolfieres the park in the sky and you complicate the task.

Click and is press the left mouse button to gain altitude. Hard to come down. You have to switch between montgolfieres without touching an attempt to go as far as possible. Be careful not to go too high, because you touch the clouds, you lose.

Have fun!

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