Flash game Air Patrol

Air Patrol shot and aerial battle game

War is about to begin. To ensure the Safety of s citizens of your country, you get around the space patrol nothing. Your mission in Air Patrol is to defeat all your enemies and ensure that the city is safe and that you people can again return to their occupations. Pilot a fighter jet in a universe in 3D and eliminates enemy patrols. To prevent the bombers after you to destroy the city of Huikon, you must intercept and remove enemy patrols as well as antennas. D truis patrol aircraft and radar.

You're a fighter and have to drive to the keys C and V to control your speed. The entr e key is used to launch missiles, space bar to use the gun. Take the controls of an airplane ultra fast hunt and shoot everything that moves. There are arrows indicating where is your opponent, you have to follow to kill the enemy abroad.

You have to navigate your good fighter or risk falling down. Use arrows keys to steer your plane in a universe in 3D. Press the C key on the keyboard to access the rer, the V key to slow down. Help yourself to the B button to start a post combustion that propels you even faster. Launch your missiles with the Enter key. Help yourself to the space bar to blast your enemies.

Graphics but very correct summary for a good driving game and shooting server ar the best drivers. To laugh of the game, you must first click the arrow gray, then another arrow of the same color will appear and then click the "GO" button.

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