Flash game Hostile Skies

Hostile Skies game of aerial combat, flight, war and action

D covers Hostile Skies and flies through the air by facing your enemies!

Hostile Skies is a war game is Low on the Battle of Verdun. The Battle of Verdun was a battle of the First World War which took place in 1916 near Verdun in France, between the arm are french and German. She made more than 700,000 dead, missing or wounded s German and French.

This is the longest battle and one of the more vastatrices of the First World War and the history of war. Verdun appears to be the site of one of the most inhumane battles in which man is delivered. In 1940 subject to fire the Panzers, Verdun fall in 24 hours. This unforgettable battle converted vid game o is very easy to practice. Fighter pilot during the First World War and won battles has nothing. In this game, embodies "Billy Coppins' a fighter pilot of the air arm e French in World War I aboard his plane.

The goal is to eliminate all enemy forces while prot your giant plane. S Landing in SAFETY on your area di e to progress. Your goal for r succeed the first level is to destroy the aircraft Falkenhayn and then landing on your base healthy and sound.

To earn points pursue your enemies, dodge their missiles, is very pr cis and bombard them with yours to destroy all of.

How to play a Hostile Skies?

Keep moving the mouse to the right to access the rer, left to slow down. Click to shoot and press the space bar to throw bombs. Approaching the runway, r duis your speed and r USSI by proper landing. This game will test your piloting skills and shooter.

Hostile Skies is a very int esting game that allows us to remember the history of the First World War having fun with a standard quality of game Good luck!

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