Flash game Night Raptor

Night Raptor game of Air Combat Action 100%

Night Raptor is an arcade fighting game is nothing! In which you can play like a battle plan to rescue the survivors and destroy the base of your enemies. This action is time and space with a mail spacecraft. This game is a plant in which cosmic d cor you should come to the aid of a handle e person who suffered an alien invasion and no longer have other remedies. These have alliens install solid foundation to build their influence in their new city. Using your ship, you have to avoid the traps and clean up the city to ensure peace the handle ResCap e s. The night raptor is a shoot'em up game mode and raid anything offered by our intelligent games.

The raid is nothing to roll over a portion of the universe and you fly over cities. The strange red balls flying towards you. You can hit it off, if you need to shoot.

Modern factories feet, bases with lights that you should clean pulling, if you need to destroy them to advance your mission. Your mission is to save the people and survive in battle. The ResCap s are blue uniforms and levent hands to the sky to call for help.

Brown boxes are the goodies you need to collect. There will be weapons and shield recharge floating in the sky and they will provide benefits only the best weapons or increase your energy. The game control is ensured automatically keys fl ch es to go in all directions. The space key you used to shoot and you just have to get closer to the ground to r cup rer the ResCap s.

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