Flash game Animals Home free

Animals and free!

Come to the aid of gentle animals of the show!

Welcome to the greatest show of all time! This show includes different towers essentially realized with specially trained animals for the occasion.

Everything was the best, the preparations were ended he remained only run the show, when all-a-sudden disappearance of all the animals of the troupe is announced. A misguided and terribly cruel person encloses all animals in boxes farms double towers with strong locks. It is time for you to save by solving all the mysteries puzzles left by the criminal. Indeed to liberate all animals, you must use your thinking and your strategy to complete each puzzle.

To do this, makes the series 3 magic cubes and brings up the keys chests. There are two types of magic centuries, the money that you make appear by combining at least three cubes between them and those in which gold unlocked by assembling at least five identical cubes. However bring up the magical cles is not enough to activate these centuries, you will have to move in the puzzle to involve them and it was not until this precise moment that the locks jump to free the trapped animals. Each box need a specific type of property cles, some require more money cles and other more gold cles, you can not open the locks of gold with gold cles and vice versa.

More you advance in the game you will understand what mystery lies behind the disappearances of animals.

How to play?

Using your mouse moves and combines identical cubes of the puzzle.

Creates a key money by combining three identical cubes and creates a golden key by combining five identical cubes.

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