Flash game Iceberg Hockey

When animals donned skates it gives Iceberg Hockey

Wild Wing confronts the c lebre mascot of the Olympic hockey team Anaheim Mighty Ducks! Just proud of the most famous mascots ice sport s in a series of candid shots. The scene goes on the ice during a hockey game where Team Penguin faces a formidable team the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. After a long struggle acharn e two COTS, the match is announced e and both teams are in equality.

The only way to share the rest of the hard evidence of the shot on goal. You embody the best scorer of Team Penguin, all hopes of victory rely on you. In front of you Wild Wing famous mascot of the opposing team, it is a very effective and difficult to surprise keeper. Your only chance to deceive his vigilance is r succeed in placing the puck at the right place at the right moment, you rep rer the fault of the defense. You have got one minute to score as many goal as possible, which is why you should keep an eye on the time to file.

Use the mouse to aim and shoot with precision pr. Help yourself the power meter to provide powerful shots that will increase your chances of success. at the end of each game, you'll get a percentage of r Success calculation from the number of shots performed and the number of shots ussis r. How to Play Hockey has Iceberg? This game is played with the mouse only has the viewfinder chosen angle of the shot more ad quat. Clearly observed movements Wild Wing to know at what time you can shoot. Little trick the goalkeeper is constantly moving, it will therefore forced cr er a tion opening a given moment.

Finally, to send powerful blows serve up the power gauge and click when it is in the green.

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