Flash game Air Hockey 2

2 Air Hockey arcade game of hockey and agility

Trying to win the game in Air Hockey 2, arcade hockey game and agility! D covers a very fun arcade game where you have and show great agility to make it. Air hockey pr feel as a ping pong game in which each player must attempt to return the ball to the line of his opponent. Opponents here are represented by circles are feeling. Your player is on the right and you should succeed r has the control you used in the mouse.

Your opponent is the computer is on the right côt. It is very fast. Of the game is launched e, follows the movements of the ball by moving your mouse up and down; r ceptionne the ball with your circle, which will move towards your opponent. Avoid letting the ball pass your line otherwise your opponent will score a point.

Concentrate, follow every movement and position your circle to the right place. The first that r succeeds Scoring ten points wins the game. Not to focus, follow every movement with precision pr attention and leave you, r ceptionne the ball at the right time. Air hockey is a game of sport that requires speed and precision pr, the ball is fast and you have to be just as fast.

Control your circle pr decision. Air Hockey is to ride in a rectangular platform, uses a trick by bouncing the ball on the wrong COTS and your opponent. How to play Air Hockey? Performs fast movements with your mouse succeed in anticipating balls are sent back by your opponent, r ceptionne and returns the ball every time without interruption. Once you have a point, the party does not stop.

Your only goal is to succeed in reaching r ten points before your opponent. R achieves the very rapid movements, do not allow yourself to get ahead score. Wins the game and become the champion.

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