Flash game Asteroid Belt

Asteroid Belt game arcade and agility

Attempts to escape the ast oids in Asteroid Belt, a great arcade game and agility!

Do you like great games fun? You love space and pilot a great AIRCRAFT? In this game, you've the chance. "Asteroid Belt" is an agility super simple game to understand but not so easy in itself.

The principles of the game are very simple. You find yourself in interstellar space, aboard a Gorgeous ronef made of an alloy ultra resistant r. During your journey, you must cross a belt ast oids which feels pr e on your way. All game asteroid Belt play around through these e oids Ast.

How to play Asteroid Belt?

Control your spaceship through the ast oids, continue your way through them and especially never lets you touch. You can steer the ship with the help of your mouse. So you can move forward or backward, move up or down.

When making these moves you make a slalom between oids ast and you spawnings you a way through them. Ast stiff when you touch your ship explodes with the force of a bomb in red mercury. No survivors aboard!

It's ugly. But the game gives you a total of three chances to finish the game. When you have exploded three times, you will calculate your score. You can replay a game to try to beat your score, this way you can even get one of the first on the score table.

You're an ace among drivers, and you think you are nimble fingers? Come put your skills to the evidence try this wonderful flash game, both explosive and fun. The game is played entirely with the mouse and the ship is easy to navigate.

Go ahead, start a game and savor your trip in space captain! Have fun great driver!

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