Flash game Bad Boy

Bad Boy arcade and agility

Come quickly to cover Bad Boy, a great arcade game and agility of completely delusional!

If you like games with aliens, you'll definitely love this property r alis flash game. "Bad Boy" is a very nice and fun to play arcade game. You think you're a pro screw e, you think you can measure the speed of a target for the power to erase a time? Just a little test your skills in this great arcade game. Here you're going to need all the methods, calculation you once you learned to come out the winner.

The principle is as simple as ABC: you're in a flying saucer immobilized e over any forest. Various characters range from spinning in your screen This game may be your enemies, or are curious who came to see what was this strange device came to dock in the woods or maybe this are perfect targets who simply had the misfortune to fall on you. Though in themselves, they all run to below your ship one by one, has a more or less rapid pace going.

How to Play a Bad Boy?

Your goal is to crush when they get a pitch vessel.

To do this you must send them an extraterrestrial rabbit on the head. You have grasped the concept? So without further delay tired of adventure and become a bad boy first cat category. Press the spacebar when the character comes to the ship to drop the missile-rabbit, a good blow on the head Bam! ca should stun or kill, no matter: the important thing is the points you earn.

Warning, do not wait until the characters come to you to start the rabbit must gauge has roughly the speed of the target and the speed of the rabbit which falls to synchronize your attack. This will not always be easy, then pr adorn yourself a sweat to kill these characters, they are eager to survive your attack. Good luck!

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