Flash game Beaver Dive

Beaver Dive game of agility and arcade

Castor found the brothers in Beaver Drive, super arcade and agility!

Beaver Drive is a skill game in which you find yourself one of the beaver brothers who plunges into another mission very int ressante. Very soon the fans of agility game will delight in moments of tent offered Beaver Drive. You'll guide the beaver go to the collection of beads at the bottom of miraculous sea will r cup rer pearls at the bottom of the oc year and pay attention to the dangers that are at the bottom of the oc year.

At the bottom of the oc year, you'll see there in dangers as sharks, piranhas and chokes m and need to avoid to the maximum. In the game it must be v VERIFY the level of the oxygen tube and rise to the surface for r cup rer your breath. You must be quick and feigned dangerous species that you will encounter in the seabed, fast and screws are the qualities required s. You'll see that the game is well done and the atmosphere is tending to. In terms of graphics we note that the effects r lay well and the landscape is taking.

Similarly the sound effects are also good in the tempo of graphics. At the game know that you have a total of two lives he'll have two levels g rer lives. Whenever you get killed you lose a life and if you do not runs very quickly as you can not breathe and at the same time lose a life, so be careful.

How to play Beaver Dive?

To d place, know that you have to use the arrow keys on the computer keyboard. Go there quickly plays and shows your support to Mr.

Beaver in this new world as full of surprises and marine hazard. Good luck and have fun yourself!

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