Flash game Bounce 2

Bounce 2 game arcade, agility and precision

Succeed at the end of all levels and marks the highest score in bounc 2 great arcade game of agility and precision pr! Bounce 2 is a game of agility, sublimely simple one that combines these three things with a thundering coh reference. The game "Bounce 2" is a classic game of agility, it is surely one of the oldest of its kind opus. The principles of the game are simple and easy to the compr hension. You jump on a trampoline more or less elastic but stable, you must collect paintings which are in your e harbor in avoiding bombs, mines and spikes.

The road that leads to success is dotted with e pitfalls, through this game you are going to cover all legal aspects of physical as this sentence. Your sole purpose is to collect and collect all these beautiful sparkly fabrics similar to those on the habits of marine d cor s. Whenever you come in possession of a canvas, you will earn extra points ments. Be careful not to fall on the many traps diss min s on the trampoline. They have the form of bombs, mines and pikes!

If you touch the bombs and mines you explode and lose points if you fall on a picnic clates you and you lose too. Succeed in all the dangers around the level and collect all the stars to get a pass to the next stage. How to Play a Bounce 2? Use the directional arrows on your keyboard to sink to the trajectory of the ball.

You do not play against the clock, what you need is a term lead your mission while remaining whole. When you have finished all the levels and you always in you a burning desire to play a Bounce 2, you can cr er your own game levels and try them all. Achieved the highest scores and cr e wildest arcades in Bounce 2, the only limits are the limits of your imagination.

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