Flash game Bowling Alley Defense

Bowling Alley Defense game arcade and agility

Come quickly to cover Bowling Alley Defense, great arcade game and agility!

If you love sports and sports games you'll probably take a lot of pleasure to play this great online flash game. Bowling Alley Defense is a class game in the cat category sports games. To start the game, just click on the image of the game in Bowling Alley Defense, the principles are simple. You have to push your enemies by launching their bowling balls full pear in Bowling Alley Defense. In this game, the chants m invade bowling alley.

The game has a total of 10 levels. Utilisetes talents bowler to pass all levels of the game and stop the invasion of the evil cr atures.

How to Play Bowling Alley Defense has?

All played with the mouse.

From a top view, your bowling ball instead of lat ally from left to right at the bottom of the screen. As soon as you click on the left mouse button, you send the ball towards the top of the screen. Your enemies advance towards the bottom of the screen by following the same trajectory. Click at the right time to send the bowling ball in the direction to follow and push.

At the end of each level, with the points s won the title, you can buy more power for shots cos bowling balls or even larger. A superb realization r e Jam humor with sound effects and excellent music. COTR realization, we can not deny that there is a real bias graphics makes this game a Genuine p mite, especially during different phases diff game Compete against big stars like Lary Bird, Bruce Lee and lots of other surprises in this game of bowling like no other and totally delusional d. D covers this sports game without further delay and have fun like crazy!

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