Flash game Chicken Ator

Chicken Ator arcade game and shooting accuracy

Help the chicken to escape from his farm in Chicken Ator, great arcade game and shooting precision pr! Have you d ja asked if chickens really wanted to stay enferm are on farms long journ e? R the response offered by the beautiful flash game Chicken ator is at least surprising. Ator in chicken, you become a chicken. Warning, this is surely the bravest hen who has more guts in the world. It will neither be part of a backyard, or belong to a farmer, what she wants is to cover the big world, go to the gr fresh air. She wants to escape a word has its properties silence, the farmer Bob.

His technique is perhaps not the most original, but it works more than one regard. We do not know how, but the hen has got d e a revolver ammunition are unlimited, she hides under her thighs, and oh surprise she can fly. D cid ment is the hen out of the ordinary. Helps to think outside the box and reach the great outdoors s' from his prison vadant size before sunset.

It will not be an easy task because it is the object of desire of all the beautiful chickens in the neighborhood. They will try to restrain and prevent him from taking his flight towards the horizon. It is unacceptable that the last of losers comes to put sand in a plane so labor. When a chicken gets in your way of sheath and shoot! It tastes draw you r reserves the tm rary believe that any permit.

How to play a Chicken Ator? The game is played entirely with the mouse, use it to place of the chicken under the game and make a left click to shoot the chickens to fly. We must at all costs get out of this mess because you are never drops arms like chickens MOUILL es.

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