Flash game Chimpy Jump

Chimpy Jump arcade game and agility

Come quickly to cover the small chimpanzee very cute Chimpy Jump arcade game and agility!

Do you like games in which you find yourself at the heart of the action? So you will not be of no cu cu in this game that you're about. Chimpy Jump is an action game cover ad on this absolutely portal online flash game. Any edge, starts a game by clicking on the image of game principles of the game are easy to master. Chimpy Jump in, you incarnate a good little monkey d cid has to sew with the young turtles who are the other face of the character.

Your main objective is to ensure that the monkey runs turtles without falling in the water. The game is composed of several levels harder than each other. You must have done away with all animals carapace that are on your path and return to the point of hand to the next level. In addition, you must not stay more than 10 seconds ar fl chir on the back of a turtle.

How to play a Chimpy Jump?

For you to move, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Throughout the adventure you will have to improve your attacks am. Maneuverability is at the top and graphics groomed s evoke the world of the cartoon genre. The tone of callus is quickly fly and progression is super addictive.

The challenge is also well pr feels. Each level is varied, while r pond finger and the eye. Chimpy Jump is an action game very well made that any fan of the genre should try.

Sure, sometimes it's a little rp petitive, but is to make you addicted. Indeed, the first task is understood that the title was under the hood beautifully displaying of horns that go galer your r r tines. Do not wait another second more, immediately starts a game and have fun!

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