Flash game Diy Christmas

Christmas Diy agility and arcade game

Come help Santa Claus ar cup rer all gifts in Christmas parpill s Diy, of agility and arcade game!

Another game for Christmas. Diy Christmas is an arcade game that will immerse you in the spirit of Christmas.

We are in the month of December of this is winter and he strongly neig. The feast of Christmas is held in family, evening of 24 th of December. The powerful symbol of e awake Christmas is a festive meal, accompanied traditional turkey and Christmas log. In this spirit, Christmas has become a festival folk connotation, characterized by a ris e consolidation of family units over a meal and an exchange of gifts around the traditional Christmas tree. Le pere noel is loaded to bring gifts to children around the world on the night of 24 to 25 of December.

He enters houses through the chimney and pose gifts in shoes are arranged around the Christmas tree or in front of the chimney. Delivering gifts in rents concessions diff, Father Christmas has been dropped. It is fallen in a lake with his queens and his sleigh.

Santa crashed into a pond.

How to play a Christmas Diy?

Two smart kids have reduced the pere noel in water, suddenly all gifts pere noel are floating at the water surface, you have to expensive after a p a. You have to recover and gifts. Help him. Sort Father Christmas, toys and queens out of the water. Wait until the hook is in a good direction.

Presses on the arrow at the bottom to start your hook water. Watch out for bombs. Click on the "Start" button to laugh of the game your score and playing time are displayed at the top right of the screen.

To laugh before the game, you can click on the "Instructions" button to see the number of points allotted to the differently s objects to pick. Good game!

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