Flash game Coconut Curumba

Coconut Curumba arcade and puzzle

Come try your luck in Coconut Curumba a great arcade game and bending r!

You're a fan of games where you have to use its m ninges? You're an ace r flexion? Then you might love this beautiful flash game. Coconut Curumba is a set of r flexion in which it will be lively, active and attentive to r what will happen in the game screen in a beautiful d cor sandblasted in the most beautiful coconut palms, you'll participate in one of the biggest challenges, one of the largest made of perplexing even the most concentrated of the players. The game is very well known in the world, and made very popular.

It invites everywhere, marie all sauces. The principles are simple.

How to play a Coconut Curumba?

You have three coconuts in the game space, then at the beginning of the game, there is a gray ball well development and HIGHLIGHTING DISSIMUL e under a coconut. At this time you know exactly where is placed the ball. Then an invisible magician will make the beans horizontally rotate in the swapping of a way you confuse and deceive your vigilance.

At one point he stops and your goal is to find where the hides the ball to win. When you are sure of your shot, click the where you think the ball is. If it is wrong, you take away the tooth c pr level, if you fall against by just, you win and move to the next level. You can choose between two types of play, A and B. but both types are almost the same. Anyway, the invisible magician tries to make you lose sight of the ball.

It will turn coconuts in one direction and then the other to deceive your vigilance. Then remains concentrated on what happens. The game gets hard when you crossed the Chelons.

So take your troubles patiently and watch everyone far you can go.

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