Flash game Comet Blaster

Comet Blaster arcade and space invaders

Climb aboard a spaceship in Comet Blaster arcade game and space invaders!

If you're a fan of classic games, you will not be d cu with Comet Blaster (Explosive comets). In this classic game drive a spaceship and truis the comets that attack your ship has. The comets are pr cipitent on your ship to do when you've got to squeeze them like an astronaut to avoid exploding. R to succeed the game you'll have to fight for your ship is not crushed.

For that you need to destroy the comets before they hit your ship. The comets must not touch you in any text pr.

How to play a Comet Blaster?

The screen pr presentation of the game shows a black background with stars, to start the game press the Play button. To read the instructions before starting the game, click on the instructions button located below the Play button.

During the game, you can change the color of your balls in yellow, green and red. To help you change the keys 1, 2 and 3. Balls of the same color to make more G√Ęts on comets and of truisent much faster. During the game, you have to use the arrows keys to turn the ship, left, right, top or bottom.

To aim, use your mouse and is well comets. The left button of the mouse will allow you to shoot your enemies. You have every chance of your cot so do not expect fast and fed your first party and faces all the dangers that await you. He'll have to slip you and that you snuck between diff ent obstacles.

Show your driving skills as part might be difficult. You can play alone or with friends to complete the best space pilot of you. Good luck and have fun yourself!

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