Flash game Cow Bandits

Cow Bandits arcade and agility

Catch as much as possible to feed your cows village in Cow Bandits, great arcade game and agility!

You are a unquestionably agility and surprisingly address? Here is a very fun flash game that you permettras to prove quickly.

Cow Bandits is a flash game that can be classified in the category of cat and address available to cover ad faster on our portal flash game online games. The principles of the game are very simple. Here's the whole story. In the year 2099, for reasons of climate change our species lives underground and eats cow meat chopped e. You're flying a spaceship and your mission is to guide your ship so that any r Cupere cows each level and passes the mill. Because the supply of food is almost finished and if you do not do it, people will not have enough to eat.

How to play a Cow Bandits?

D up yourself with mouse movements and clicks to get high. To catch a cow roping you must place yourself above the vertical and the drop in the chopper press the space bar. Do not forget that your mission is of the first order because if you did not made, it is forced ment death that will befall people who are of SESP rs and who have no other hope than you to survive. So do not bec d and do your best to r succeed this mission.

The game will not be easy because as and as you advance, the game becomes more difficult. If you feel ready to succeed r mission, not wait a second longer. D fed immediately some solo or with friends and made the best your mission so that your species to survive and do not s' dye.

Good luck and have fun yourself!

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