Flash game Croustibat

Croustibat arcade game

Croustibat runs in a rescue mission and uses her powers to defeat the enemy!

Croustibat is a very exciting arcade game, it's rare to see a game with graphics and effects as well. Nothing reflects the aim of makes you want to cover very quickly. Pink and h is called Croustibat game, you'll have to help a face and defeat the enemy and achieve his goal. Croustibat Monstruozore must face his formidable enemy who kidnapp his fianc e and d stands as a dangerous hyper prisonniere planet.

Your h ros will fight horrible Monstruozore and especially his army of monsters that include e monsters m very songs. To save his fianc e, Croustibat tm rary should be facing the arm of an enemy. You must be quick and you could effectively fight the monsters that are pr senteront facing you. Croustibat runs in the air so he can beat the first arm of e Monstruozore.

How to play a Croustibat?

To advance your savior, must you use your arrow keys on the keyboard. The drive e of your life in the game can be v VERIFY top right of the screen.

You have got three lives so be careful that you make and be careful. Croustibat has certain powers that he can use or you use the aids. To enable and use magical powers, he will just press the space bar, and the more you press it, the more power will be powerful.

During the journey to save his fianc e, Croustibat can become even stronger by collecting maximum Croustibat boxes. Nothing but the landscape of the game gives a strong urge to dive in faster in this game D covers Croustibat quickly and help him succeed ar mission. After each test, you can share your score to show your level of play has your friends.

Good luck!

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