Flash game Dyno

Dyno, an arcade game and agility

Dyno, a beautiful arcade game and agility in which you'll pick up the maximum of canvas can Throw yourself an d fi with Dyno and test your reflexes r. In this very funny, is of riding in a water world, found blue and pink bubbles and paintings that you have to succeed r a catch to score points. This game r v lera your speed and your pr decision. The aim is to succeed r to navigate to the bottom of the aquatic world to collect the maximum amount of yellow stars in record time. As the main actor, you must control the movements of a small green dinosaur. Use the mouse to guide its movement in the right direction where are yellow stars.

Help the little dinosaur Dyno collect paintings. You have to pick a r succeed twenty yellow stars to win the game. Help yourself to the mouse to move from left to right. Performs fast movements with the mouse to avoid the pink bubbles that will make you lose a life. Help yourself bubbles gray color for you prot ger and truis pink bubbles, by cons you can not pick up the paintings as in the gray bubble.

The drive e Protection gray bubbles a second. In this bubble, you'll be s SAFETY and you can go over pink bubbles without losing a life. You just get three lives for r succeed. Do not waste a minute because you will not have enough time to play, stopwatch speeding and r succeed you must anticipate the movements of the mouse to place Dyno time. Observe well the bubbles to distinguish those gray and pink ones. Embark yourself in bubbles gray colors for your prot ger actor and truis pink bubbles.

Saves your number of lives to the fullest. Releve of the fi, do move your little dinosaur Dyno calculating its trajectory well not to fall on a pink bubble.

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