Flash game Frog Race

Frog Race game arcade and agility

Come to cover Frog Race, super agility and arcade game!

Do you like games or you rivaled address or agility? Then you will feel a blast to play this fun and very fun game. Amuse yourself a Frog Race (Race Frog), an agility game and racing About our portal online flash game. Any edge launches game by clicking on the image of your game screen game you have the chance to measure yourself computer.

The principles of this game are simple. In Frog Race, you embody a green frog.

How to play a Frog Race?

You must be the first to reach the frog arrived online e. Avoid the obstacles that slow you in court road (the cardboard box prevents you from seeing your level jump). Use the left mouse button or the space bar to first validate the power of your jump, then jump to. To swim in the pools maintain SEATED left click with your mouse or using the space bar on your keyboard. The game traces somehow some of the evidence about the Olympics since es you to run and you swim in the same comp bution.

So to win you will have to be fast to win the race and be a good swimmer to win the challenge in the pool. You have three chances to win; The race ends at the end of the third made. Pens like a game of Run lior am, the more you progress through the game the more you will learn to use your character quickly your only watchwords are: r cup rer maximum bonus, avoid obstacles r alisant figures unlikely , to play the traps and of course win races, all with pr decision.

The game offers a dose of good humor while combining this ambiance has dynamic levels where you do not get bored for a second.

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