Flash game Funny Tetris

Funny Tetris arcade game and puzzle

Trying to get the most points in Funny Tetris, a great arcade game and bending r! Do you like classic games in the genre of Tetris? Come try this great assembly game that you might like. "Funny Tetris" is a game like Tetris r flexion, but more velopp and gerement differ. In this game, you do not assembleras long lines of bricks endless, but you should align, assemble characters of the same color to make them disappear. The "Funny Tetris" game is a logic low on assembly which enables r s unite entity similar to the merge. Clearly it is the same principle that a successful games on social networks r, gender or Candy Crush Diamond Dash. How to play a Funny Tetris?

The goal of the game, diff ferent characters will fall one after the other to the bottom of the game board The principle is to collect at least three characters of the same color and the same genus, horizontally or vertically to merge them and make them disappear. In making this op ration several times, you win a lot of points. S eliminated the characters are going but they can r appear, you have only to re-merge to increase your overalls and your score at the end of the game. Therefore merges the blocks in a manner fl r chie not stymied you.

You need imp pared collect figures of the same color, and they must be at least three in number to allow the merger. Assembles more than three characters to get bonuses int esting, make a large number of combinations of the game to finish the game with a score lev. Attention characters should not get to the top of the queue. If this happens, you will lose the game. Use arrows to move to the characters when they fall and if you're a little more press, press the bottom button to hasten their descent.

Go ahead, start right away and part with the highest score. Have fun!

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