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Gladiator game arcade, fighting and Gladiator

In the fighting game Gladiator, you will play the role of a fierce battle. You t captured by Indians who have enslaved you. To win your freedom, you have to fight against other opponents who also want to get their freedom. The game is to roll in a arena or battle each arm is a spear or a p e. You have won several duels to earn your freedom. Gladiator has several levels and in each level, you must reach a certain number of points for acc der the next level.

How to play a Gladiator?

To play; Use the arrows to move your fighter of left to right, press the up arrow to jump and the space bar on the keyboard to kick with your weapon. You have the possibility to use two diff weapons annuities, an ax and a p e. Press N to use your pe or M button to serve you for your ax.

Descends into the arena of gladiators and win your freedom. The fights will be very bloody. In duels, quickly getting hit by attacks your opponent, dodge their shots of you placing on COTS and good timing to chain your attacks.

Also monitors your life bar, the more you cash blows over your life bar is empty. In the battlefield enemies out from left to right, you have to be very fast, as soon as you realize the position you facing them quickly choose your weapon of defense began to press the space bar to eliminate. Your opponents are very strong and will not sitent h to give you blows with their p e. Do not let you do, concentrate and observe their movements, their appearance begins to kick, to the maximum in truis to progress to other levels or you'll face the boss. eliminates it and earn your freedom.

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