Flash game Magic Gem

Magic Gem super arcade and agility

You're a fan of arcade games gn ral: come t 'bust in Magic Gem! "Magic gem" is a classic arcade game, the low c lebre game Bubble'' pop'' which consists in making bubbles explode aligning many of them the same color. In "magic gem" is the same principle. You have to help the elf who is at the bottom of the game screen has put bubbles it receives. The bubbles are diff different colors.

You can see near the elf bubble that is about to be launched e, and even the ball that comes after it. ca allows you to always be one step ahead of your blows. You have imp pared align three or more balls to make them explode. Clatent when the bubbles you earn points that help boost your score.

If you r ussis has align three or more bubbles, the score is more cons Quent. Attention, new bubbles will tend to appear from the top, after a number of shots launched s if you do not manage to do the bubbles explode too long, the queue will lengthen, and if you pass the d limit you lose your game. How to play a Magic Gem? Use the mouse to decide where to you want to drop the bubble and make a left click to throw the bubble. Targets both bubbles of the same color and keep an eye on the balls that are to follow, they offer new opportunit s most of the time when they are considered.

Make all the bubbles disappear at all levels to complete the game and post your score. The game is sublimely simple, and it is almost never get tired. Type your mouse and broke out all the bubbles. Take pleasure and completes all levels of the game

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