Flash game Monkey Lander

Monkey Lander game of agility and arcade

Quickly to cover Monkey Lander come, super agility and arcade game!

Monkey Lander is a very fun arcade game in which your character is a monkey a pilot licoptere h and you are to help place the unit carefully on a small barr yellow line of the red laughing int repr feeling your track landing. You'll have to use the arrows directions for r succeed your mission and continue to play esp rer.

You will see on your screen fruit that you must collect to earn points lives, fuel but you speeds at any price guide the h licoptere left. Collect fruit that is fun for your character because it is a monkey.

How to play a Monkey Lander?

Your objective is to your right, so your mastery h licoptere and tries to ask carefully on your landing runway situ on a complex angle on the bottom right of your screen. Arcade games choose animals dot s talent as characters, have you the same skills that your character monkey. Come show your talent in Monkey lander, land where monkeys you pilot a pretty licoptere h to help your character-monkey arise while r cup rant lives, fuel to keep your flying high and stable. You have to balance it your flight and understand your path in order to land on your track, not easy at all, your track is very narrow and you have to take an ad quate horizontal line to ask your licoptere h on the track.

This game perfectly combines humor and agility because bananas are displayed on your screen and you know that your character is a monkey, he likes bananas, r Cupere them to your character. Just take your h licoptere to stick to and landing on runway indicated e in this game Monkey land, an arcade game agr ble and fun. You like monkeys so come help ar succeed in its mission Monkey land.

Good luck and have fun well.

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