Flash game Mystery Temple

Mystery Temple puzzle game, puzzle and set of 3

R fl chis well for r solve puzzles Mystery temple, set r bending puzzle and s series 3!

You came to cover the mysteries of the Temple and find all the very ancient Kings go! To cover the secrets of the Temple, you must r cup rer all the gems on each level. Arrows will color your only tools for r cup rer gems, but beware: they may also try to stop you.

R fl chis well and anticipates every movement has come to end the secrets of the Temple!

How to play a Mystery Temple?

To play Mystery Temple, start by clicking on "Play"! You'll be able to choose between two game modes: "Adventure" that will allow you to browse through 24 levels of increasingly difficult, and "Free Mode" which will allow you to play for the best score, up to Blocked! If you choose mode "Adventure", you'll be able to choose the level that you would like to perform (for the part, only level 1 is available, others will be Blocked d and s as you progress).

The goal is to cr er s a series of at least three adjacent blocks of the same color gems around. To do this, place the arrows correctly on the board so they borrow the direction that leads to blocks of the same color. The arrows can be placed on tiles that are light beige: after an arrow has t plac e on a tile, it turns brown and no other arrow can be located here ea. A good you r fl chir and anticipate investments of arrows. Warning: In some levels, ghosts arrows that appear randomly on the board al will put you sticks in the wheels.

Again, to win, we must anticipate and r fl chir order to remove all the blocks of rock to r cup rer!

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