Flash game Poom

Poom arcade game of agility and precision

You are very agile and skilful with balls, this exciting game is of course done for you. Poom is a really agr ble game that provides a fun r el and a desire to play by its simplicity of design and contracting mechanism of m. This is a true moment of pleasure and of attempts. You have a ball that is launched on a well and you willing canopy bearing boxes. Principle is simple, let the ball bounce on the lid that has boxes, knowing that these boxes have functions diff annuities. Some boxes will push the ball higher while others slow the bounce of the ball. Calculated on the positions on which the balls will bounce.

You should also know that the parts more points than the other boxes. When the ball drops, we must see the shadow that will r ceptionner the ball to anticipate the plate retomb e ball. That the principle and mechanism of m game that is very simple to understand. Now you've got a lot of you dotes address, agility and rapidity during the game to outwit the ball and cover well.

Do not forget to try to touch the parts that are on the cover to gain more points. The interface of the game is great to play and you just need to use your mouse. Place the D-to guide cover and r ceptionne your ball to give it sufficient momentum. Agr highly able, the game Poom is addictive, you will see that you have a hard time you spend your time with Poom. C'mon you spears and saves your balls, you can share your scores if you want.

D trust your friends and become the savior of the balls well, master Poom.

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