Flash game Sheepish

Sheepish of agility and arcade game

Sheepish come quickly to cover, of agility and arcade game!

A sheep is stuck in traffic, help him to cross the street to join his fellows. The classic game Sheepish allows you to measure your quality s Shepherd by traversing your sheep in tight traffic with e v vehicles of all kinds who ride a brisk pace.

You should avoid at all costs that will overwrite your sheep is done by one of these deadly devices. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to sneak your sheep in the midst of danger and help him to cross. You must first r succeed to do your sheep across the highway where cars spin has an impressive look.

Then it must cross a water-filled climbing on curtains s located along the shore area. Your sheep is frightened, alone, stand well out of danger. You are his shepherd, his protector, his master and therefore you should give him your help it crosses. Sheepish is a classic game but we can put in the category of cat agility games and address. This is not an easy game but with a little lucidity you'll get there. Be careful and ais watchman eye and you r ussiras has to pass your sheep in the midst of all these mobile dangers.

Other threats arise if you r ussis the first through e of your sheep and all will be played on speed because all these cars directly to darken your sheep back where n is necessary. You must save your pet but you should also calculate the distance cars, threats before engaging in one direction. Sheep "sheep" in this game is caught in a trap and must be traversed by his mentor. Come rescue as a strong shepherd and succeed has to cross safely.

Do not wait another second, enters your mission and become the savior of your sheep pr fr!

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