Flash game Spectrum 8

Spectrum 8 game stant shooting and precision

Come fill your mission and eliminate your enemies in Spectrum 8 super game stand laser shooting and decision pr! If you're a big fan of shooting games, you will love definitely try this fun shooting game very realistic and r. In "Spectrum 8" Become a real robot, a super-powered devices Delta Air force to the massive destruction of the enemies of the nation. In Spectrum of you become defender of your homeland against the assaults of your enemies by opening fire on them.

Your enemies in this game are aliens who are evolving to you, you want to go to assi ger earth planet. They make their little snowman to you, and you must kill them all using your overpowered arsenal of war. Make their skin, exploding them and blocks their e Advanced Features to you by killing all those who get too close to you. How to play a Spectrum 8? Control your robot with your mouse to aim cr atures that are on your trail, then make fire with your laser gun, your bombs and your various ammunition. The arm e thee dot the most powerful weapon of the earth, it pulls with lasers and does not need to be reloaded e, it is unlimited e on ammunition. So you do not linger on details of ammunition and concentrate on the path of your enemies and the trajectory of your shots.

Even if your ammo is unlimited es, it is better not to waste, because waste is waste your time, plus it's without a return on strat cal point of view. You renamed your foremost pr ea server, your honor title, then kill all the enemies of the country to achieve the best score and proud all other drivers "Spectrum 8" in the world. Become an int gral part of the air arm e am Rican officer of Delta Air Force, and explodes all our enemies.

Watch everyone that the world's savior!

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