Flash game The Classroom 2

The Classroom 2 game of agility and arcade

Come quickly to cover The Classroom 2, sequel to the classic arcade and agility!

For all fans of adventure game, here is the game The Classroom, the second version of the game The Classroom. Like most adventure games, the game The Classroom 2 provides a true moment of pleasure and of attempts. In this game, you'll play as a student who is in the university and your e arrived a dunce will subscribe in the circle of grugeurs. The purpose and mission is that you have to copy the goat of the class without tefaire noticed by the teacher. An adventure game very interesting in the int what you'll soon find you.

To play the adventure need to know you're ready and attentive, that you can move forward with intelligence and face several situations that will introduce pr. Pr pares you to live real moments of suspense and pure fun. You'll be in front of snowmen that you will encounter in around the university. You'll meet and you'll start your adventure deal with scenes that feel pr.

You will see that the landscape of the game is well done and the visual effects are addictive. The graphics of the game is well done and even at the sound effects, they r lay well to the context of the game and the problem that automatic pr feel. So be a true adventurer and shows that you will be the master of the new campus.

How to Play The Classroom 2 has?

To play you can use the directional arrows on the keyboard to move your character and click the option that you wish to validate. Do not miss another second of cover for the game The Classroom 2 and sailing as much as you want in the student world.

You can play with your friends or family because the game concept and simple and suited to everyone. Good game and have fun well.

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