Flash game Towering Legends

Towering Legends game arcade and puzzle

Upgrade your brain has the evidence in Pokemon Towering Legends, super arcade and bending r!

Are you passionate games r flexion? Do you not like to play one? Then you are on the right page.

On our platform, we have your disposal, free of charge games r flexion for fun and capable of ensuring your mind. One of the best games that we offer you is Pokemon Towering Legends. A superbly r alis game that will make you travel in the world of Pok Mon. Components of Crystal diff different colors dotting the screen of the game colors each sign ing the red for fire, orange for the electric current, green for the green and blue for water.

How to play a Pokemon Towering Legends?

The game principle is simple to understand, includes all parts of the same color Crystal to compose Crystal Towers.

Over the tower and the greater bonus rooms shalt thou make. The parts will automatically cling to the cursor. Stacked them to form towers oncoming to other parts.

It's easy right? So are you ready? Attention must avoid to hang piece of differently colored because it causes a large explosion and your tower will be destroyed and parts of parpiller everywhere. You will have to then start the tour so be careful. Another pr bail, has to consider the time that you will be counted for the grace situ Others left the bar 'screen of the game to play is easy: Click the Start button on the screen of the game for a new game to laugh then click Play. Plays brilliantly and brand yourself to face the champions of my Pok.

Also invites friends to come share with you this much fun or their record low and climbed up among the professionals Towering Legends. Good set of r flexion Chat now well on our platform with our games!

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