Flash game Treasure Hunter 2

Treasure Hunter 2 an arcade game for children

Help Snowy in this arcade adventure! Snowy is a small white bear that serves s character in this series of six episodes was that you have to bring your help to reap the maximum r tr `s go out to be the owner to come out of all tr ​​hunter 2. Treasure Hunter 2 is a platform game that r party in ten episodes. You can choose the level and the episode you want to play. The game is very easy to play. To do this, you just have to pick up all the jewelry that you meet on your way. This platform game is beautiful.

In the ten episodes that are subject to you, you have to climb the ladders to r cup rer maximum tr go to each floor for thee rich, but that was `Never mind, some are hidden s, then you must use the pickaxe to dig and take possession of jewelry. On your way, you will not find as emeralds, obstacles will stand in front of your quest. Large animals such as gorillas do not accept that you cross their territory and n `h siteront not make you a porridge. A gorilla `s approach, you have to dig to cut him off and prevent` that `it` s close to you at the risk of you losing the game.

It is important to note that the character that you have a your disposal can not jump, just climb and cling to vines `s to switch` platform to another. You have to be agile to come to the end of the 10 levels available in this series of s the treasure hunter 2. Controlling the game is via the arrow keys on your keyboard. Indeed, they will allow you to move about in all directions: go left or right, up or down.

This beautiful arcade game `is designed for small and large. Graphics and playability are excellent.

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