Flash game Wonderputt

Wonderputt game of mini golf, agility and precision

Come to the game of mini golf most of your life in lirante Wonderputt, great game of mini golf, agility and precision pr!

Rain mt orit s befell the city, and a small comet is alone and away from home! Helps to regain sending it in e was located at the other end of the city. for that, you'll have to make it through several environments in which will stand diff ent obstacles that you will have to work around a comet! Try to anticipate your moves and carefully analyze the environment to finish the best way to exploit the slopes and avoid obstacles!

How to play Wonderputt?

To play Wonderputt is very simple: instead of your mouse to display the arrow that will allow you to to complete the path you want to give a small comet. Over the arrow, the longer the shot will be powerful. For you to adjust these parameters in order to get the small comet in the holes in as few shots as possible! Take into account the d cor ing to the end of the id al the comet will have to borrow to rally the hole in the most direct way possible route. Watch out for obstacles!

Sometimes, water or barriers will be between you and the ball around well attention and press the comet with enough force so that it does not fall into the water! On the screen you can see at the top left the "i" button: If you click it, it will show you information about your party, your party pr c dente and your best and second best part. You'll be able to see your score, the point s report by the blows, those covered by the report s of hidden wonders and those are s report (or lost) by time.

Try to get the highest score and retry the game to improve you am!

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