Flash game My diamond

My diamond a game agility and avoidance

Here is an arcade game, but also a puzzle that will take your head long. The goal is to reap r diamonds to pass the levels, its not that simple when you have lasers that will continue. You have to catch the ruby ​​of placing the little pink guy was using the directional arrows. You'll embody a small pink cr ature will r cup rer diamonds on the board, but you're attacked by lasers that kill you if you touch them. Nothing very difficult you tell me. But things are complicated by the presence of pr red laser that you should never touch.

If you want to try to r reap the greatest possible diamonds, trying to get the little ghost on the other cot laser beams. A search of his diamond, the game is nished when it comes into contact with one of the two lasers. R Cupere the emeralds each screen without touching the red lines. A COTA pass the other through the wall of the notch. Use arrows keys to move to. Earn all possible points with pr cious stones.

Little tip, if you go out of the frame at the top, you find yourself down, same for right and left. This is your only chance to r Success. To avoid it, you have to go through the edges of the game If you pass the top border of the window, you find yourself down and if you go all left, you find yourself just right, allowing to avoid the lasers. For you to place it you just use the arrow keys on the keyboard.

A diamond gives you ten points, so the more you have, the more your point number is lev. Good game and good luck. D to laugh My Diamond, first click on the Instructions button, then click the Start button.

Your score is displayed at the top left of the screen.

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