Flash game Pong 2000

Pong 2000 with a game of tennis ball vituelle

Pong 2000 is a very fun sport game, the game is one of the riv table tennis. Ping pong is a very practiced sport nowadays and is one of the sports in the Olympics. This sport has a policy to send a small white ball to the camps of his opponent in an attempt to score points, he plays with small rackets which support for sending and counter your opponent balls. This is a game where you have to be very fast and carefully follow the trajectory of the ball not to miss. In 2000 pong game of rolls in a rectangular platform with two small plates you serve racquet you and your opponent is the computer.

The aim is to succeed in getting r tiny ball behind the opponent to score a point. You score points every time you r has ussis bring the ball behind the goal line. The first reaches eleven points wins the game. To play use the mouse; Control your paddle up and down following the movements of the small ball. Tries to r ceptionner after each shipment performed by your opponent. Trompe vigilance computer by throwing the ball to bounce on côt s. Your opponent is very fast, you must carefully follow the movements he performs without leaving the eye ball.

You should also be very fast, performs movements up and down to bounce the ball on the racket. You will not be limited by time, your only objective is to score eleven points before your opponent. Train to hone your technique and become the champion of Pong 2000.

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