Flash game King of Dunk

King of Dunk a basketball game launch

The passionate s basketball can try Dunk in all its fantasies. King of Dunk is a game of basketball is a sport of team that is to score points by throwing the ball in a hanging basket. In this version, it will not matter to a basketball game but rather a spectacular dunk contest. We are a half-time of a great NBA game and you sign for r td succeed ar achieve magical Dunks. Front of thousands of spectators and hundreds of cameras tl visions, just be flexible and large win for your d fi r succeed. Take your lan, courses and jumps to the hoop to score a basket that even the stars of the NBA will have a hard time believing.

You'll have to be very concentrated and applied for if you do not swings high enough and too late, the fall will be assured for you and e hello sores and whistles spectators. So do not bec and be of a height. To play just click on the Go button at the bottom right of the screen for the player s' starts facing the basket.

Then click the Fly button at the bottom right of the screen of the bar to the left of the screen arrives at its maximum level. The secret to succeed your r shoots repeat it in the fact that you will put the harmony between your race and the time your jump to dunk. So come show to everyone that you can be a star map silent as the Bron James or Tony Parker r ussissant your spectacular baskets in King of Dunk.

Everyone has their eyes on you riv s, eliminates your stress and become the new King of Dunk NBA Major League. Good luck champ!

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