Flash game Hit Him

Hit Him a boxing game point and click

Hit Him is a fighting game street naked while point and click hands. Street fights are practices that are prohibited, but many people attend in order to make money or be Notori t. During these fights much blood flowing and the people who fight very often find themselves completely with the face of figur. In this game, you'll have to participate in a street fight or you will have to give more shots possible fists on the face of your opponent. Your opponent moves very quickly and you have to track his movements to avoid missing your fists. Before a crowd of spectators who come to watch the fight, the champion of fi street and m metamorphosis completely his face giving him punches all over his face.

To play use the mouse gives punches by pressing the left button relentlessly. Your opponent makes lat eral movements in swaying from left to right. Following his movements closely and you focus on his face, you have free rein makes your fists to his face to appear. You have just thirty seconds to r succeed the game.

Hit Him is a game where you will learn your ad pr develop precision strike. Do not miss any of your shots. You can play repeatedly tirelessly, the goal is just to figure your opponent. It does not make you your shots.

Let pr cis and adroit in hits you spear your opponent. D develops a good stroke technique which enables you to not miss the face of your opponent. Aims forehead, cheekbones, arcades or nose but do not miss your fists.

Leads up and become the new champion of street fighting.

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