Flash game Super Boxing

Super Boxing is a sport game boxing

Show your skills in this new fighters boxing game! Like a boxing greats such as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, there is an opportunity for you created your saga of boxing great boxing in the r alisant your wildest dreams. Boxing is a sport practiced combat since the 18th century was one against one, which uses a percussion strikes using gloves quilted s. Nowadays it is played on a ring encircles 4 levels of rope securely fastened to poles located s 4 corners of the ring.

Here it is time to get in the ring and boxing to KO your opponent in this great fighting game that is offered to you on our page. The formalities s betw een are pretty simple, choose your opponent between STAR and Jones AL Roker two heavyweights arena has the strength monstrous hits. From a view in the third person, quick shots while hitting your opponent hard.

Use the Left and Right arrows keys to move to lat Generally, press the down arrow for you prot ger. Help yourself to the A button to give a quick punch, S to a heavy shot. The d cor is worthy of an ar na boxing such as Madison Square New York. Both boxers in their equipment are ready to embark on a bloody face to face or strike force is the only important word that counts. Two bars at the bottom to the far right shows the progress of destruction of both boxers. Yours allie rapidity and power to overcome your opponent quickly, in around you for placing your boxer to give him dizzy and d concert.

You've got more than to take control of your game and your saga launched by writing the most beautiful pages of Super Boxing!

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