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Take to the Street boxing game fight 100%

The city has t stormed by thugs terrorizing the population, so, do not even dare leave her home. Fear is an install in every corner and every world m fie all. Avenues are sertes of the shops are closed and no one is going to work. It is a state of fear RALIS g n e. These individuals can and scrupulous respect no law, took the decision to sow chaos in the city. You cides to take things in hand and go to the attack of these outlaws to restore order in the city in chaos.

Put on your gloves and go kick the faces of a gang of thugs in the streets of the city Take to Street. You have to emerge victorious from this battle for r establish order in the city. Get the fewest strokes possible not finish your life bar and picks up the boxes of pharmacy to remake you a state of health and progress through the game There are two different start for game modes, Arcade Mode and Survival Mode, choose the game mode that suits you by clicking the "Play" button. In Arcade Mode, There are five sub game modes, make your choice for a portion of laugh. You must follow the direction of the yellow arrow to find your opponents.

Your objective is to eliminate all your grace and your rapidity technicality. Use arrows on the keyboard for you to place. Supports the A button to give a cut foot back on for you prot ger Z, S to ex cuss a series of punches and kicks, X to ex cuss a series of shots feet of vastateur, D to launch a high-powered attack, C to taunt your opponent.

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