Flash game Kuzza

Kuzza agility game for boys

D covers the agility game for boys and girls Kuzza you to do the maximum kisses to your girlfriend!

You are a true fan of games of skill? Games in which you can prove your agility without too take your head?

Then you'll certainly appr cial this great flash game that is set in your disposal. Here Kuzza, a flash game that can be classified in the category of cat agility games. The principles of this game are simple. 'm Full of kisses with the address Kuzza ad cover without delay on our portal free online flash game play. In this game the context of delusional, you find yourself in the office. It turns out that your lover is also your office colleague.

You want to kiss him because you can not r sister has its beauty. But the only problem that arises is that your boss has all the eye and has not even leave you not a sole. So your main goal in this game is to make the most of kisses to your girlfriend without your boss does choppe you. Of it back in profiteras tourn you to kiss your girlfriend. The boss is suddenly occupied by a shot tl phone, but it is visible impr, it can hang in the moment after a very long debate. Enjoy it, but be careful not getting caught after he hung up.

How to play a Kuzza?

To hug your partner, click with the left mouse button and maintain it SEATED. More kiss is long and you earn points! The game is accompanied with beautiful graphics and a very good playability.

Sound effects stick perfectly with the visual atmosphere of the game In a word, the attainment is just breathtaking. All for very good times in perspective. So without further ado tired of a game by clicking on the image of the game Have fun!

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