Flash game 360 Space Ball

360 Space Ball German precision and reflection

360 Space Ball combining a decision pr r and bending game! If you like games r flexion, or if you like to work your brain relentlessly, you most definitely love this game of skill and r flexion. Thanks to this game, use your moments of trying to dig your m ninges and test your intelligence. Your goal in "Space ball" is to make the ball of the level without it hits one wall out. Click on the ball or press the spacebar to start the game As soon as the game starts, the ball is launched e. Watch from the moment it does not touch the walls that form barriers in your levels.

If it hits a wall, you will not lose the game but it will be less points in the final score. If you manage to get out of a level without touch one wall, you bn ficieras a bonus sp cial. Throw yourself now in this reflexive adventure r, and each level in the solution or solutions that can lead you towards the exit. At one point in the game, pallets may occur.

At the sight of a pallet of the game, click on or press the left and right of your keyboard to make the angle change keys. As in most games r flexion, there may be one or more solutions to the same problem. In "Space ball" you will have to tact and the eye.

Go to the exit by using cleverly walls and pallets. The goal is to hit as little as possible to finish with a final score lev. If you are not satisfied with your score, try another technique, even the most improbable movements give good results r. So go without further delay in this adventure in itself and achieved the highest score and share it to other players proud of.

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