Flash game 3D Maze

3D Maze game puzzle and agility

D covers 3D Maze and show your address to guide a ball through a maze of 3D wire!

Here is a very int esting game which very quickly you'll tie you up very quickly, 3D Maze. It is a game of r flexion and agility in which you have in front of you a maze with two balls, blue and red. You'll have to guide the blue ball until the red ball by rotating the maze of wire. A blue ball and a red ball are enfil're on a structure of wire and are not very close.

It will take place from the blue ball to the red ball. The son of iron entangle forming a circuit in three dimensions. To guide the balls, you have to know that you need a minimum amount of time that you're allowed. So you have to do very quickly to meet the timing that was given to you. D to place the ball, know that you have to rotate the entire structure to drop the ball in the direction of Sir.

For this, you need good v VERIFY the sense that takes the ball and how to arrange the investments to be able to move in the best direction and that is as soon as possible to the other red ball. So you have to be quick and a good strategist.

How to play a 3D Maze?

To play on the placement of beads, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. And then you press the space bar to slide the ball along the stems and as you turn the maze to solve this puzzle r. To have a rotation of the whole will require you press Ctrl + directional arrows on the keyboard or the shift key + the arrows of claver for a cuter ex manages the rotation of the whole. A game superbly r alis n BLINDNESS that concentration and vision.

Good luck and good game!

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