BUBBLE SHOOTER the reference of the game puzzle bubble

The goal in this game is to remove all bubbles found in the puzzle. It does feel more pr c lebre bubble game that ad ja t played millions of times worldwide. Could not have played at least once in his life this bubble game. This version of the flash game Bubble Shooter dated goal of ann es 2000 and it certainly feels pr on all gaming sites on the planet, and in all languages. To play this game you must use the mouse. Collects and eliminates quickly balloons of the same color.

Bubble Shooter The goal is to gather and quickly eliminate the balloons of the same color. Of that 3 or more balloons are collated s, then they clatent. There are multiple rows of colorful bubbles on the playground You have got a bubble color you can shoot by clicking the mouse. By directing your shot, try to shoot the bubble to form clusters or rank are at least three bubbles of the same color.

When there are three bubbles of the same color touch, they clatent lib rant and the space they occupy. But this is not because it is super classic that shooter on bubbles has lost its int est. It's simple, just open the game page, and presto, we let them take over and we are left to click to shoot the bubbles on the right colors to make them explode, always with the same envy player Bubble Shooter who absolutely wants to clean the entire plateau of all these bubbles. Because yes, it is possible to explode all the bubbles. At the end of the game when it's only one or two colors, you can even try to make the most points by making some lasting pleasure.

But be careful not to lose by trying to be too greedy.

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