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Sinking yourself deeper into the forest and find the hidden objects!

The summer is for some beach, coconut palms and sand for two months, but when it comes to the other three seasons of the year, the forest takes definitely top! The forest is not only a place where wild animals or a place for camping is hunting.

No need to spend ten days in the forest to realize the beauty of the landscape. Just go there just once for a simple walk or longer, enjoy the fresh air and feel the wonderful smell of wooded forest filling our nostrils. It is sometimes possible to encounter wildlife, medicinal and other herbs surprises. This is a completely different experience, but certainly one of the most valuable experiences that can not be found in any other place. This type of environment will provide unsurpassed relaxation, plus it could be a perfect place to start an adventure previously unsuspected in this drill.

Especially when it comes to find her way. In this puzzle game you'll be totally lost in the foret.Tu incarnate mislay a walker who must find his way in the forest. Our character thinks all know this magical place, but he suddenly lost in a small village hidden deep in the forest.

It would be sad to leave the place like that without having explored, it's time to make a visit and see what lies out there. Our character has therefore explores each kilometer round, then decided to get into a very old abandoned house in the village and see if any hidden object could be useful and vital to him. The challenge and help our hero to explore this intriguing place.

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