Flash game Cloud Climber

Cloud Climber game of agility and reflection

D covers the game Cloud Climber and have fun to climb on a multitude of fluffy clouds!

You love to find you in the heart of the action at any time even in a flash game? So it is with great pleasure that you'll play this great flash game that you're about. Cloud Climber (Cloud Climber) is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat action games. But this game also requiere many address cover ad on this portal free online flash game. The principles of the game are very simple.

Pr adorn yourself a feeling of geret climbing on the multitude of fluffy clouds. But beware, you will not rise as easily, clouds it slide a bit anyway. You for one purpose to get as high as possible taking care has especially not fall.

To earn points, you have to catch the parts you win by even more if you manage to grab you more of a part in the same jump. So the best thing is to jump as high as possible and flying in you, you can take the most possible parts and down the same. Despite that this game is an action game, you will have too many r flexion to address these clouds, then during the game, it will take you a few moments of waiting for r fl chir a comment undertake the steps in front of thee.

How to play a Cloud Climber?

In terms of game controls, the grip should be easy since you'll need your mouse to play. D up yourself with the movements of the mouse and click to jump. Cloud Climber is a r el success thanks to its superb realization r and s its pure graphics. So if you are looking for challenge, or just amateur super fun action game, I invite you to try this game quickly.

You can play solo or with friends for more suspense. A good time with. Good game!

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