Flash game Color Switch

Color Switch shooter puzzle

D covers Swith Color Chat now eliminate a color balls are!

You're a good looking shooter. Then your search has just ended.

Here is a great flash game which enables you to you to tread and repress all emmagasin stress. Color Switch (Color Changing) is a flash game very fun concept. The principles of the game are very simple.

Acting on the color of the screen to eliminate color balls are in this game Color Switch is a game of shooting cover original ad on our portal online flash games.

How to play a Color Switch?

The game controls are very simple. Using the mouse, instead of a mobile cannon and click to shoot. Balls of colors randomly placed al the top of the screen down. You have to sole objective of preventing them from reaching the bottom of the screen no matter what.

To delete a color ball must shoot him and at the same time the bottom of the screen is the same color it. To do this, press the keys on your keyboard from 1 to 4 to change the color of the screen. There are 4 colors in all: yellow, blue, red and green.

It is simply to aim and change the color of the screen at the right time. A game of precision and rapidity pr superbly r alis with a soundscape very ussia r. So if you feel able to raise the d fi ie eliminate as much as possible balls, tired of without delay part and shows your quality s good shooter. Color Switch is strongly advisable flash game!

You'll need good reflexes r and s good capacity for anticipation to erase these balls when they appear to earn the most points possible. Have fun!

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