Flash game Connect 5

5 Connect the game reference in terms of reflection

Connect 5, a super game r flexion in which you must line up 5 balls The game of rolling in a green box, comprising fourteen carr s align horizontally are encrypted s number one in fourteen and fourteen other boxes are aligned vertically with the letters of the alphabet A to O. You will have to mobilize all your intellectual faculties to r succeed to beat the computer. The principle of the game is simple, succeed in aligning five balls of the same color horizontally, vertically or oblique way to win the game. Caution Connect 5 is not an easy game because the computer is a formidable player. You should always carefully observe the manner in which he has his balls for not doing pi ger you, if you see it starting to align more than three identical balls, put a ball to curb alignment. Ogy plays with strat and method m, has your balls while taking into account the position of those of your opponent. To play use the mouse, choose the case where you would place your ball and click to ask for.

You have balls of white color and the computer possesses those in black. It's your opponent tired of the game first, s selects where you're going to ask your first ball of the pose and then let the computer to ask hers while looking good box or he d ask. Anticipates his every move so as not to pi ger, r fl chis before you ask your next ball.

You will not be limited by time in this game you will be free to wait, choose the location of your ball before playing. This game will allow you to develop your r flexion as not to lose the game, you will be obliged to properly r fl chir and accurately measure the position of your ball compared to those opposing. Do not press especially, envelope of good strat gy and r fl chis well before putting your balls, you have the possibility to ask for your pawns in any case it, but do it in a way r fl craps.

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