Flash game Conquesia

Conquesia a game of reflection on plate

Pierces the secret of the puzzle with the board game! If your mind is susceptible to magical worlds, large spaces and moments, this game will make you happy. "Conquesia" is a game of adventure r alis good clean design. Revolves around the magical and dramatic frame "Conquesia" go to the indoor of a universe of vile black magic. The region r Drakonteiros is the seat of dark secrets from the world of black magic. The war rages, only the bravest warriors will have the privilege of reconqu er this world and its riches. The principle of the game is simple.

You need to win a fight by Fail a king. You have understood, it's like the chessboard size in Harry Potter. Here the rules somewhat diff annuities. Your mission is to clean up the chessboard with pieces of the same color as the king. For example, a white magician may have another white magician côt him, then another pawn or white whatever its nature.

There is a joker in the shape of skull, its role is to remove any pin on the grid. If you want to get rid of a pawn on the chessboard help yourself to the skull. Castles and towers are pawns sp cial they can be placed anywhere on the grid s regardless of the pin that is close to them, but once they are located s impossible to remove.

So use them wisely. If you want to eliminate a pawn that can not be used, use your wizard bottom left of the screen, but using this function in case of force majeure or you lose the game. Once you have completed a vertical or horizontal row of pawns, this line is erased e. Thus leaving the conquest of this wonderful world and become the master-in.

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