Flash game Different Picture 1

Different Picture January 1 puzzle game based on the principle differences

The activity of r m your memory is proof of an activity created Brale in good health. With age our memory m older and plays tricks on us. As you watch the good quality of your eyes it is essential to know what is your capacity of action and r how long you can be r facing a dilemma.

This game differ Picture 1 is the first of the trilogy of games r action. This puzzle play time and life. You willing to abut a portion of, 60 seconds and 5 lives to find the differences between two diff 9 drawings. When you're wrong at one of 9 errors, a life you e is withdrawn.

When your time is totally coul must expect you lose a life. These constraints in time and life maintain pressure on you and allows your brain has to work under pressure. You need to find the differences 9 diff.

It sounds childish when there r alit takes but there is another, because you did not quite your time. The Success is sanctionn r e d covered by the 9 aberrations allows you to go to the next step. Time bonus and life is granted by the efforts. The playability of this game is excellent, it feels at ease, control is very easy because everything manages the mouse just by clicking on any diff differences that you notice.

The picture and sound are very good quality, music allows you to be in the game designers pens everything in this puzzle to allow you to measure the activity and quality has r face of a fi. The different Picture 1 is a game that heal your activity r and r allows you to act in a period of time.

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